The Fastest way to lose Weight

Want to know the fastest way to get a lean, fit body?

Everyday I get asked the following three questions

  1.  What’s the fastest way to Lose weight, Tone up and reduce excess body fat?
  2.  What’s the fastest way to go from weak and soft to strong, Lean and defined?
  3.  What’s the Best exercise for FAST weightloss?

For the past 10 years my answer has been the same and always will be because I have proven time and time again with clients that it works.

The fastest way to lose weight and the best exercise for fast weight loss is…..


Weight Training and Dynamic Strength Training

It is NOT – hours of cardio


It is NOT – doing gym classes back to back


It is NOT – walking or swimming


Yes the 3 listed above may help you drop some weight

But NO the 3 listed above are not the fastest and will not change the shape of your body, will not make you become more Toned or reduce your bodyfat% to the point where you can see a beautifully defined and sculpted body.


Have you ever noticed how guys seem to get into shape so much faster then women?


How guys seem to drop excess bodyfat so fast that in a short time they go from pudgy to looking lean and defined.


As soon as they put on a fitted shirt you can tell they have been working out…


You do not see fit, lean guys with 6 packs doing endless gym classes, going for a lunchtime walk or pounding away on the x-trainer for hours…


They are in the weights room lifting weights or doing strength exercises like squats, pushups and chinups.


You see when you weight train your body is in a constant state of stimulation that requires a lot of fuel to keep going and this means a lot of calories burned.

Cardio improves your heart and lunge efficiency – which is why its called cardio.

Cardio DOES NOT burn fat…..


Your muscles are the only part of your body that use fat as a fuel –

The more muscle you have and the more active and strong your muscles are the more fat you burn daily and when you are sleeping.


So if you have fat to lose then doesn’t it make sense to work your body in a way that will maximise fatloss and burn fat when you are sleeping.


I also get daily emails from women telling me they don’t need to lose weight but just want to tone Up.


As soon as I hear this I know that they need to change their body composition.


This can actually be harder then just losing weight as it requires more attention to nutrition and relies heavily on weight and strength training.


They are telling me their weight is a higher % of body fat and low muscle tone.


What they need to do is reduce their bodyfat% and increase their lean muscle tone.


This way they maintain weight but change their composition resulting in a stronger and more tight and toned body.


This also requires less cardio and more weight and strength training.


 All the girls below weigh the SAME on the scale.

I have said it before but two girls who are 168cm tall can both be 62kg on the scale – however the girl who is 18% bodyfat wears a size 8 jeans and the girl who is 34% bodyfat is a size 14 jeans.


Now they both weigh the same but the 18% bodyfat girl is way smaller and toned due to her body composition – her body contains very little fat and a higher % of lean muscle.

 More cardio or restricted dieting will only result in a skinny fat body.

You should get in at least 3 x 30-45mins of weights and strength training per week.


Weight and strength training combined with the right meal plan will see you dramatically drop bodyfat and produce a fit looking physique FAST


You will not get big and bulky lifting weights – you will only burn fat, reshape your body and reduce your clothing size.


The only way you can bulk up with weight training is if you consume too many calories and gain a lot of excess fat over your muscles, have a diet high in fat and starchy carbs or use steroids.


My  Top 5 Weight Training rules for Women:


1.      Use dumbbells and Barbells

Ditch the stationary weight machines – using free weights requires your body to work a lot harder meaning more calories burned , more of you body worked for the same amount of time and at the same time you get a free core activation workout – a strong core means a flatter tummy..The minimum size handweights I use with clients is 3kg per hand and the minimum barbell I use with clients is 10kg



2.      Know when you need to increase your weight

How much you should lift is simple – if you are doing 10 reps the last 2 reps should be tough – if you can get to the end of your 10 reps and easily do another 3 reps then the weight is too light.

Make sure you are always doing a good weight and do not be scared to put the weights up – If unsure start heavy and drop the weight as you need, never go super light with weights as you just wont get the same benefit.


3.      Make sure you use more weight when doing squats and leg press


You should not be using the same weight for each body part. This is one reason why I don’t like most pump classes – your legs are way stronger then say your biceps or triceps so you need to be adjusting the weight accordingly.

A good way to start increasing your leg strength is doing squats with the smith machine or using a leg press – if you do not have access to these use a barbell on your shoulders – a good starting weight is around 20kg.


4.      Remember to mix up your sets and reps

Make sure you are always mixing up your reps which may require different size weights – for example is you are doing 10 reps go heavy and if you are doing 20 reps go lighter – this keeps the body guessing and therefore avoids adaptation  – another good tip is to mix up your workouts by using handweights for say bicep curls one day and use a barbell to do biceps the next.


5.      keep your movements slow and controlled

Do not rush and keep your abs pulled in tight – always look straight ahead and your shoulder back – think great posture the whole time

Breath in on the easy part of the exercise and breath out on the hard part of the exercise..

So now its upto you to give it a go

The more your practice the better you get

The more you lift weights the leaner you get..

So start lifting – vix

By Vix Milicevic

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  • amy smith

    Reply Reply April 17, 2013

    Great tips thank you…Do you have any advice for belly exercise i need to tighten up…Thank you

  • Lisa Murphy

    Reply Reply April 27, 2013

    Hey Vix
    Thanks for all the great info. What should I be doing more of if I need to burn the fat around my tummy I have been blessed to have great legs since I very athletic growing up but now with a child not so much. I still have very toned legs but not so much on my belly and my back. My arms need a tad toning up not much thou. Any help would be so awesome.

  • caroline

    Reply Reply May 1, 2013

    hi vix love this page. im constantly asking supposidly trained people on diet and nutrition advice and how i can lose a stone and tone up ike crazy and no one gives me a straight answer.. this is great ,, i need to lose a stone of excess fat but i want some lean amazingly toned muscles thanks for this as now i realise its not the number on the scales but the appearance and clothes size that i should be looking at .. 🙂 finally something for women xx

  • rebekah jones

    Reply Reply June 7, 2013

    Hi there, I really need a routine from somewhere. A routine that is as easy and as quick and to the point as possible. Any ideas?

    • Nys

      Reply Reply July 17, 2013

      Hi Vix, any chance you could send me the details by email too please?? I really need something to get me started with losing weight and keeping it off. I have been hovering around 195 Ibs for a few months…..started as mid 160s, then mid 170s, then mid 180s……al in the past two years.

      I have got to the high 180s in the past couple weeks and don’t want to go back up ever again. Hoping your 14 day challenge can help get me into the 170s again?

      Any help is appreciated. Thank you


  • Emma

    Reply Reply June 23, 2013


    I love all your advice, great help to ladies who lift! I wanted to ask about “cutting” I have been lifting weights for about 9 months and my arms look quite large in proportion to the rest of me. I think I need to lose some body fat so that the muscles will be seen, and without the excess fat my arms will be slimmer. I don’t understand if you cut down on carbs, e.g. Pasta,Rice, bread, what are you supposed to eat in place of this? More protein, veg,fruit? I have tried cutting down on carbs, but not quite sure if this helping. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


    • Vix

      Reply Reply June 23, 2013

      Hi Emma “cutting” is an advanced technique used by body builders just before competition to wrap skin around their muscles. If you are not down to you last % of body fat then cutting carbs can actually set your program backwards. For the best way to get more toned check out my Free 14 Day Tone Up. Here is the page to register: Read in particular the link to eating clean, you well definitely benefit from replacing Pasta Rice and bread with clean carbs.

  • lee d

    Reply Reply August 5, 2013

    Hi I’ve seen this and followed it. I’ve presently lost 5 stone and want to get rid of rest of it. Work out is good and really enjoy it feel like I’ve done a real workout any more advice email me I really appreciate it. Getting ready for rugby season. Email is many thanks 🙂 lee

    • Vix

      Reply Reply August 5, 2013

      Hey Lee! Thanks for getting in touch! I have just sent you all of the details for my upcoming 14 Day Spring Slim Down Challenge! This is 14 days of FREE nutritional and workout advice. Please make sure you check your junk or spam mail folders just in case the email ends up in there. All the best, Vix

  • Sarah

    Reply Reply August 5, 2013

    Hi, I am 6ft, 23yrs old and 20% body fat. I had a serious car accident two years ago and struggle to do squats and lunges. my tummy is flat but my butt and legs could use ALOT of work. any suggestions?

  • aziz

    Reply Reply August 11, 2013

    Thanx vic, for your valuable but simple informations, i think i was looking for these,

  • chelsi

    Reply Reply February 7, 2014

    I am a twenty nine year old mom of two. I just recently quit smoking. I have a little weight to lose but I really want to tone. I’m about 135 to 140 . any ideas please help.

  • Navita S

    Reply Reply April 6, 2014

    hi Vix, this is a super great article. thank you for the information and the inspiration to do better. i really need it. i havent exercised in a long time. i have succeeded in maintaining my weight and overall size appearance but i do not want to be flabby…. i love the pic above with the diet and exercise so i am going to start back exercising this week. i prefer to feel and look awesome than to always “want to look good”. thanks again and keep up your great work.


  • marisa

    Reply Reply September 27, 2014

    What if your already fat I don’t want to add muscle underneath the fat Wont I just look bigger I am so depressed I have quit smoking and added so much weight I am contemplating smoking again please help!

  • Feli

    Reply Reply November 20, 2014

    Hi Vix,

    I have recently become a huge fan of weightlifting (beginner with PT). I lost 9kgs over winter through a gruelling cardio and diet challenge. I am now at my ideal weight and have started to introduce weight training.

    I’ve found that lifting weights makes me so hungry. I eat mainly protein and very few carbs. I am scared that I will put all of my weight back on. I love waht weights are doing for my body but am scared that these massive hunger pains will have me back pudgy.

    What to do?

  • ankita

    Reply Reply December 2, 2014

    hey…this was really helpful. i am already working out at the gym. i do cardio somedays…like step, combat, spinning, bootcamping and some days i do body pump and very little weight training. can ya suggst me how often should i go fo weight training? btw i am 5.5ft n 58kilos.

  • Margie

    Reply Reply March 30, 2015

    Hi. How many calories do you burn on average in your slim dowb challenges Love the routines…. I completed one in the fall and can’t wait for the next?

  • alex

    Reply Reply June 6, 2015

    what about muscle pump / body pump lessons… can they work instead?


  • Natania

    Reply Reply June 10, 2015

    Hi there!

    I started my gym training in March this year but I have only been doing treadmill and circuit due to the fact that a trainer told me I need to first loose Weight before I can start training with weights.
    I am a dancer and weigh about 80+ kg. Can I start with weight lifting ?? Or must I follow the trainers a device and just do treadmill and circuit…. my training has been going so slowly and it doesn’t feel like I’m getting anywhere. I gym at least 4 times a week and I dance….

    I just really want to tone down and build some muscle before I need to hit the stage for championships.

    Thank you for your time,

  • jacqueline

    Reply Reply August 26, 2015

    Hi do you have any free workouts for someone that’s wanting to lose weight and tone up?

  • jacqueline

    Reply Reply August 26, 2015

    Also I’m 30 years old with three children 13,11 and 2 years old. In need of losing this belly fat and toning up everywhere.

  • claire

    Reply Reply April 20, 2016

    hi! im 5.1 ft and 46 kgs. i want to lose weight coz im afraid to be 50kgs. i have belly fat and quite fatty arms. i started lifting weights last 2days. all i want is to be slim. should i only do cardio or lift weight?

    and everytime i step on scale, nothing changes, even i go on a diet.

    what should i do? hope youll answer

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