Do Protein Bars & Shakes Make You Fat?

More and more people are eating protein bars and shakes as part of their plan for losing weight and getting into shape.


The big question is do protein bars and shakes help you get into shape or are they just as fattening as chocolate bars and chocolate thickshakes?

Today I am going to share some secrets that the supplement industry doesn’t want you to know about protein bars and shakes.

Lets look at some Protein Bars and Shakes

Protein bars and shakes can pretty much be divided into three categories

Type 1- The Low Carb Chocolaty Chemical Cocktail.

The Low Carb Chocolaty Chemical Cocktail is made from a mix of protein powder, chocolate and sugar that has been chemically altered to reduce the amount of carbs in the bar.

(Ingredients like sorbitol, erythritol, xylitol, mannitol, lactitol and maltito, glycerine).

These chemically altered sugars can also have a laxative effect.

Many of these bars also contain an artificial sweetener that can cause you to crave even more sugar.

The nutrition label on the bar looks great.

When you read over the ingredients you will see the full picture.

Type 2- The Sugar Rush

Bars and shakes in the sugar rush category are generally labelled as Energy Bars.

For these bars and shakes energy = sugar.

These bars and shakes aren’t packed full of chemically altered sugars, they are just packed full of sugar.

Sugars are loaded into these bars and shakes in the form of Corn Syrup, Glucose Syrup, Maltodextrin (Corn), Invert Syrup, treacle, fruitrim (fruit juice and brown rice syrup (sugar!)), to name a few.

Sustained energy needs to come from complex carbs, not simple sugar overload.


Type 3 The Body Builder

The body builder bars and shakes are the heavy hitting version of the Chocolaty Chemical Cocktail + the Sugar Rush

They are aimed at body builders but they will build fat faster than they build muscle.

Even Body builders will gain more muscle consuming protein, veges and complex carbs than they will on these protein chemical cocktails.

People wanting to get leaner should avoid these bars and shakes at all costs!

The builder bars and shakes are typically double the calories and much higher in carbs and fat than the Low Carb Chemical Cocktail Bars.


So can I still eat a protein bar or shake?

In my Response Mode Program and in my coaching I always prefer that people get their protein from natural, unprocessed whole foods over any supplement.

See my post on How to Eat Clean Here

Low Fat/European Natural Yoghurt, low fat cottage cheese or an egg are great natural sources of protein that feel like a snack.

To ensure that you are eating protein 5 times per day for maximum fatloss a shake can be quick and convenient.

There is a type of protein powder that you can use and it will help you to get into awesome shape.

Its called clean protein.

Clean protein is protein isolate without the other additives.

To tell if a protein is a clean protein just look at the label.

If there is just one ingredient “protein isolate” or “protein concentrate” the protein is clean.

Sometimes clean proteins are flavoured with raw cacoa or natural vanilla, and this is ok too.


Get your SuperClean Chocolate Here

If you see any other ingredients especially sugar or chemicals the protein is not clean.

If you were to go into the average supplement store you might find one or two clean proteins in the whole store if you are lucky.

Because it was just so hard for my client to get hold of clean protein I have started my own line of SuperClean Lean Protien.

I now have available these 2 products

SuperClean Whey

SuperClean Pea

You can find out more and purchase these proteins from my SuperClean Lean Protein Page

My SuperClean Proteins are pure and contain no Artificial Flavours, Colours, Preservatives or Sweeteners.

Once you have clean protein you can also make your own Slimming Smoothies & Snacks by getting our free recipe book Top 12 Slimming Smoothies & Snacks
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My favourite is Super Clean Protein Pancakes

(Makes 2 pancakes)

60g (4 tablespoons) wholemeal flour

20g (1.5 tablespoons) SuperClean Protein

200ml (7 oz) water

3 Strawberries

1 Banana

1 Passion fruit


Mix all ingredients

Spray a pan with spray oil

Pour batter in the pan and cook on medium heat

Serve with the fresh fruit and berries, or peanut butter and sugar free jam

Nutritional Analysis: (with fruit) One serving equals: 257 calories, 1.4g fat, 47.7g carbohydrate, 9.4g fibre, and 13.2g protein.

By Vix Milicevic

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