Why Squats are a Girl’s Best Friend

When it comes to a tight toned booty think Squats Squats Burn more Calories per rep than almost any other move. So if you have a wobbly booty or a flat pancake butt or have some saggy saddle bags going on then it’s time to get squatting. Squats really are a Girls Best Friend when…

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Guilt Free Chocolate at Easter Time

Chocolate is everywhere at this time of year! The cool thing is you can still stay focussed on getting into awesome shape AND enjoy the taste of chocolate. I made these awesome easter eggs using an Easter Egg Mold and my Choc Bliss Balls Recipe Superclean Chocolate is my very best product if you LOVE…

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The Best workout to Sculpt & Tone your Arms

If you are like me you love it when your arms look tight, toned and firmly sculpted. No jiggle, no wings and no spongy bits…this includes no underarm fat…. The workout below will help transform even the most soft arms to lean and defined..

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Measuring Yourself on the Scales

To ensure you are making progress is important to take your measurements on a regular basis. But if you make some common mistakes it might all end in tears For over 10 years I measured my clients on the scales every single week , I also tracked their progress with a tape measure and with…

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My Top 6 Fav Outdoor Activities to Try on Australia Day

The Australia Day weekend is a Fantastic time to get in some awesome outdoor FUN activities and live your Miss Fitness Life to the full. Here are my top 6 favourite outdoor activities for you try 1) Stand Up Paddling Stand up paddling is heaps of fun and actually easier than you might think. Many places HIRE…

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Superclean Tropicana Mocktail

You just have to try this AWESOME new Recipe It was developed by one of my longterm FABULOUS VIP members I named it the “Superclean Tropicana Mocktail” as it’s so delicious you really feel you are on a tropical island drinking it Unlike regular cocktails the “Superclean Tropicana Mocktail” fits right into all my meal…

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Top 10 Workout Tips for Totally Transforming Your Body Faster Than Ever

In my last post I shared the top 5 mistakes to avoid when starting a new exercise program. So here are my: Top 10 Workout Tips for Totally Transforming Your Body Faster Than Ever Before in 2016 1.    Be CLEAR About Your Goal. What is it you REALLY want to achieve with your health, Fitness and Bodyshape…

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Banana Peanut Dream

Here is an awesome new recipe- its my fav smoothie right now. I decided to call it a “Banana Peanut Dream” One of my VIP Members even said it tasted like a M&M’s milkshake – whoo hoo – yummo Here is what you need: 1)  1 scoop Superclean Protein 2) 1 teaspoon 100% all natural peanut butter…

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The Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid when Starting an Exercise Program

This time of year a lot of people start a new exercise program. Here are the top 5 mistakes avoid when starting a new exercise program. Mistake 1: Starving Yourself Everyone does this when they want to change their body. The thinking is simple- eating too much got you out of shape If you drastically…

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How to Get into the BEST SHAPE of Your Life in 2016

WOW it’s the NEW YEAR A Time of NEW Focus, Renewed Goals and a Fresh outlook and how you can better look after your body.. Being a Professional Body Transformation Specialist for over 12 years I have seen at the start of the year people often make a whole lot of AWESOME Health and Fitness…

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