Why Eating Clean Causes Weight Gain

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How Roubina lost 69kg and 350cm off her body

In May 2014 I did an interview with Roubina after she had lost 17kg following my Flat Tummy Solution Program I was so IMPRESSED with Roubinas results and I knew she was not about to stop with her Body Transformation So how EXCITED was I to get an email from Roubina last week with her…

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The Biggest Secret for Getting and Staying Motivated

Do you know the biggest secret for getting and staying motivated? The secret is to get results fast. Here are some results from just 7 days on one of my programs… Getting results fast is the number one reason my clients are able to stay so motivated and focussed. Did you know that if your program doesn’t get…

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How to Drop a Dress Size in 10 Days

I get emails and messages every day from people asking me questions like… How do I slim down my thighs and legs? How do I tone my arms? What is the best way to tighten my tummy and saggy bits? Is this food good or bad? I feel like I have hit a plateau, what…

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The One Mistake Every Woman Makes on a Diet

There is one WRONG thing you can do when you go on a diet that will cause you to fail, binge and give up every time. It’s the number 1 thing almost every woman does when she goes on a diet? This WRONG thing is: Eating 3 meals per day.  Or Worse Eating too few…

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Raspberry Coconut Love Bites (Valentines Day Treat Week)

This is the final recipe in my Valentine’s Day Treat Week… Raspberry Coconut Love Bites are a fun little “guilt free” treat you can enjoy after a meal or a workout… Ingredients: 1/2 cup (approx 110g) Frozen Raspberries 1 1/2 scoops (45g) superclean protein 5 (75g) medjool dates – flesh only seeds removed 75g (2.5…

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Sorbet Sweethearts (Valentines Day Treat Week)

This is the third recipe in my Valentine’s Day Treat Week… Sorbet Sweethearts are a fun little “guilt free” treat you can enjoy after a meal or a workout… Ingredients: 1 cup (approx 135g) Frozen Raspberries 1 1/2 Frozen bananas (approx 95g) 1 fresh lemon – (juiced) * a small amount of water or coconut…

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Fit Girls Breakfast Jar

This is the second recipe in my Valentine’s Day Treat Week… – My Fit Girls Breakfast Jar taste AMAZING and are the BEST way to kickstart your day – Nutrition packed and loads of fibre to keep you feeling full and satisfied – The recipe below is Flat Tummy Solution approved for all mealplans … Enjoy, Vix…

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Your Valentines Day Treat

To celebrate Valentine’s Day I have put together a special week of Valentine’s Day Treats. This treat was created by my awesome VIP coaching client Alyce and is one of the yummiest treats that you can enjoy that also helps you to feel fuller and get toned fast. Valentines Day Delicious Superclean Raspberry Ripe Smoothie…

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Chocolate Almond Protein Balls

Today I have a recipe that is one of my VIP Members favourite recipes to share. This recipe is an awesome way to beat cravings, have a yummy treat and is 100% Flat Tummy Solution Approved. That means that I have tested the recipe three times and all the calories and macronutrients have been balanced…

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