Try this Secret for Toned Lower Abs

Today I am going to share a really cool trick for toning the lower tummy. This Trick is kind of a “lost art” Most people are getting it 100% wrong when they are trying to tone their tummy. What You Need to Know About a Toned Lower Tummy When your lower tummy muscles are weak…

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Measuring Yourself on the Scales

To ensure you are making progress is important to take your measurements on a regular basis. But if you make some common mistakes it might all end in tears For over 10 years I measured my clients on the scales every single week , I also tracked their progress with a tape measure and with…

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Carrot Cake Protein Slices – Superclean

This is the PERFECT recipe to ENJOY with a lovely cup of Tea “Sometimes you just want a nice piece of cake with your tea” BUT Traditional slices of cakes and baked goods do not help us drop fat and tone up So I decided to play around with my favourite carrot cake ingredients and…

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How to Eat for Fatloss – Response Mode

Every day I am always being asked What’s the fastest way to Burn FAT & Tone Up ? What should I eat to lose weight? Is this is a good food or bad food? I know so many people are CONFUSED about what to eat when it comes to weightloss and fatloss and eating healthy.…

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Superclean Choc Berry Delight Pancakes

I couldn’t finish my “chocolate week” without sharing just one more recipe These pancakes taste amazing and are an awesome treat you can enjoy “Guilt Free”… Ingredients:  Ingredients – makes 1 serve 20g/1 oz Superclean Protein 60g/2oz Wholemeal flour ½ tsp Superclean Chocolate 200ml/ 7 oz Water Topping Natural yoghurt – (I used Alpine dairy free…

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Chocolate Bliss Balls Recipe

Today I am sharing one of my Favourite Tried and Tested Recipes: Superclean Chocolate Bliss Balls… My VIP members LOVE this recipe and incorporating this delicious treat into their mealplan Ingredients:  2 scoops/ 60g SuperClean Protein ½ cup/150g  natural almond spread 120g rolled oats (to make an oat crumb) 2 medjool dates, chopped ½ cup/55g  SuperClean…

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Sensational Summer Smoothies and Snacks

This week I am giving my brand new “Sensational Summer Smoothies and Snacks” Guide away free to everyone who purchases Superclean Protein. Smoothies are a Great Trick for when you want to: • Flush Fat Fast • Detox and cleanse your body • Eliminate Puffiness and Bloating • Look and Feel Amazing in as little…

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The TOP 10 Benefits of Superclean Smoothies

Smoothies are a Great Trick for when you want to: • Flush Fat Fast • Detox and cleanse your body • Eliminate Puffiness and Bloating • Look and Feel Amazing in as little as 7 days I first truly discovered the benefits of Smoothies a few years ago when I was working with clients at…

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The 7 Best Things About Superclean Chocolate (Slimdown Superfood #2)

Superclean Chocolate is another Fantastic Superfood. Why do I love Superclean Chocolate Because Superclean Chocolate is perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth who wants to slim down and tone up without giving up their sweet treats. Research has also found Superclean Chocolate can improve your memory, increase your sense of happiness, reduce heart disease,…

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The Top 6 Benefits of Dates (Slimdown Superfood #1 )

I Love dates and they certainly are a Fantastic “Slimdown Superfood”. Perfect for that afternoon slump when you need to replenish energy and revitalize the body instantly. Here’s is the Top 6 Benefits of Dates 1)    Dates Satisfy the strongest sweet cravings 2)    Dates are Rich in dietary fibre, this means less bloating and a flatter tummy.. 3)   …

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