Are you Falling for One of the 4 Biggest Weightloss Mistakes?

In 13 years of helping thousands of people get into shape I can tell you I have seen just about every mistake that can be made that can cause a weight loss “FAIL” For some people it’s just one little thing they are getting wrong that is preventing them from getting awesome results and living…

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Don’t do this (if you want to get in shape fast)

I am a little bit different to most of those so called “fitness gurus”… I have actually been out of shape. I was 20kg or 45 pounds over weight – YIKES !!! Most of that EXCESS fat was also on my Tummy… and when I decided to make a change to my body I really…

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Satisfy Your Chocolate Cravings with this Guilt Free Toning Chocolate Smoothie!

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Satisfy Your Chocolate Cravings with this Guilt Free Hot Chocolate!

Satisfy Your Chocolate Cravings with this Guilt Free Hot Chocolate Recipe.

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My TOP 7 Tips for Getting Back into Fitness

Getting back into Fitness can be a little scary for a lot of people. So I have put together my TOP 7 Tips for Boosting your Motivation and getting back into Fitness the Easy way. I always say “the more you do the more motivated you become” – Victoria Milicevic The VERY first 3 questions…

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The Top 3 Healthy Foods That Cause Weight Gain

Today’s post is on the so called “healthy foods” that are really not that healthy if your looking to drop some excess body fat FAST. Some foods, even though they’re considered very healthy, carry loads of calories in a very small amount of food. They are what I call calorie DENSE foods If your diet…

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Rowan’s 6 Week Slimdown Success

I get so excited when my members share with me their amazing progress. I get even more excited when I see how FAST my members are getting the RESULTS they had always hoped for. Check Out Rowans Progress in just 6 weeks One of the BEST parts of my day is when I get updates…

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Awesome Transformation Inspiration

I am often invited to speak to inspire others…Here are some of my favourite client success stories that I shared in my most recent webinar Click Below to Watch…

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The Shocking Truth about Sugar

There is a shocking ingredient that is being added to food everywhere that is the number one culprit for wobbly bellies and dimply thighs.

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How to Tone Up

Everyone has been asking me this week about the best way to Tone Up so I put together a quick video…. Click Below to Watch the Video

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