Miss Fitness Life Bootcamp- How to Get Started

Click here to Join the Miss Fitness Life Bootcamp Or keep reading below for everything you need to know about Miss Fitness Life Bootcamp… My “VIP Members Only” Miss Fitness Life Bootcamp is an online bootcamp. You can do the workouts at the gym or at home. The nutrition component of the program uses my…

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Miss Fitness Life Bootcamp

I have been overwhelmed by the amazing success you have been sharing and with your gratitude- I really appreciate it! Here are just a few of the amazing results shared on Facebook… So What’s Next? I have just put the final touches on my latest Rapid Body Transformation Program Miss Fitness Life Bootcamp Here is…

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Measuring Yourself on the Scales

To ensure you are making progress is important to take your measurements on a regular basis. But if you make some common mistakes it might all end in tears For over 10 years I measured my clients on the scales every single week , I also tracked their progress with a tape measure and with…

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How Maree Transformed Her Body in 7 Weeks…

I am so excited to share Maree’s story with you as I am sure many of you will relate to her frustrations and challenges with food and working out. Maree is pure testament to someone who just decided to give a balanced approach a go and TRUST the PROCESS and now has a super LEAN…

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Great News!

Superclean Protein in now available in the United States! Until now you couldn’t get anything like my Superclean Protein in the United States. After a long search for suitable protein in the US I decided to import my own stock all the way from New Zealand. Now you are able to Beat Your Cravings and…

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My Top 5 Best Stomach Exercises To Work Your Lower Abs

Who else wants a super sexy flat tummy and tight lower abs? So what are the best stomach exercises to decrease bodyfat from your lower abs – I reveal the truth in this email. The lower abs is the most neglected and underdeveloped stomach area of all. I have seen many lean people who have…

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Instant Fixes for the Weekend

Ok we all want FAST weight Loss Sometimes you have a special event 4-8 weeks away It’s time, time to eat right and workout But then one thing after another comes up and before you know it your plan is foiled… Your special event is in a week and that cute dress is no closer…

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How to Lose Weight, Get a Flat Tummy and Never be Hungry

In this post I reveal how you can have the body of your dreams with just a few tweaks to your eating… You see you should never be hungry if your trying to get a flat tummy If you are hungry when ever you are trying to lose weight then that’s your first sign that…

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Why Typical Store Bought Proteins Bulk You Up

I have realised that because I have my own Superclean Protein a lot of people are confused into thinking that it is ok to have any protein on my plans. A store bought protein is one of the worst foods to have when you want to lose weight. Before I had superclean my advice was…

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Workout ideas that are seriously FUN – no GYM required

Its a great idea to mix up your workouts It gives your body a chance to use totally different muscles and the variety boosts motivation. Sometimes my clients would skip workouts because they had friends staying with them or they were going on holidays. Lets face it When you have friends stay or you’re on…

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