My How to Cheat Your Way to a Flat Tummy This Christmas

YAY it’s the end of year Christmas Holidays. Its a time to RELAX and have some FUN and think about the NEW YEAR and our opportunities ahead.. So what should you EAT on Christmas Day ??? Heres is my Christmas Day feast Number 1 TIP XMAS DAY EATING TIP: EARN your FREE PASS to Eat,…

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How to Workout at Home – Easily

I actually wrote this post for my VIP Membership Site…but so many people ask me about working out at home I thought it would be cool to share with everyone… So what’s required to ensure you have an awesome workout at home without having to join a gym? Over 80% of my members work out…

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How to Get Toned (Part 3)

Ok heres my top 5 Tips for working out your way to become toned. Make sure you read How to Get Toned Part 1 and 2 before reading Part 3! Here’s the link to How to Get Toned Part 1 and How to Get Toned Part 2 1. Ditch cardio Everyone thinks you need to…

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Check Out My Latest Recipes…

I have spent the last few days testing some awesome recipes to add to my next Green Smoothie Slim Down Program. I was able to find some truly amazing tastes and flavours…and best of all I have been able to balance all the ingredients and manipulate the macronutrients for rapid body transformation… Here is a…

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How to Use Superclean Chocolate

How To Make The Best Superclean Chocolate Drinks Superclean Chocolate is free of artificial flavours, sweeteners and additives so it won’t give your cravings, indigestion, a nasty aftertaste, belly bloat or prevent your body from burning fat. Because Superclean is free of additives there are just a couple to tiny tricks to ensure that you…

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My Top 5 Weight Training Rules for Women

The Fastest Way to get toned… Is NOT – hours of cardio Is NOT – doing gym classes back to back Is NOT – walking or swimming Is to work out with weights. Here are my top 5 Weight Training Rules for Women. 1.      Use dumbbells and Barbells Ditch the stationary weight machines – using…

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My Top 3 Secrets For Eating Your Way Thin

Here are three simple tips to help you eat your way to body of your dreams. 1. Eat More Frequently During the Day By eating 5-6 meals a day you will Increase your Metabolism, reduce cravings and you will never feel hungry Time after time I have seen clients who were doing the exact same…

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Superclean Protein Bars

UPDATE: I got a lot of emails this morning from people who have been waiting for me to finish developing my bars… It actually took me a long time to get the ingredients, taste and most importantly the macronutrients right… **And hardest part of all was getting a 100% clean bar manufactured…no-one has done it…

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How to use your Superclean Protein Bars

I have had quite a lot of questions about how to get the best results using Superclean Bars to help you to accelerate your weightloss, get toned all over and eliminate cravings I have put together a brand new Superclean Protein Bars FAQ. How Many Supercelan Bars can I have a day? You can have…

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How to Get Toned (Part 2)

Make sure you read How to Get Toned Part 1 first! Click here to read How to Get Toned Part 1 On Weds we covered what toning is and how to measure the change to toning in your body (TIP the scales dont tell the full picture) If you haven’t read How to Get Toned…

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