Pina Colada and Tropicana Smoothies

One of the coolest things about my Slimdown Smoothie Mix is you can make a new delicious flavour every day by adding different fruits… These Smoothies are perfect for the holiday season! These smoothie recipes are in my Sensational Slimdown Smoothies Guide. To make it super easy for people to have the Pina Colada and…

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The Tighten and Tone Workout

I had an awesome response to yesterday’s Summer Beach Body Workout. Today I decided to share another workout: the Tighten and Tone It 1.0 workout. This workout is a great workout to do at home or at any gym. TIP: 80% of my members workout at home– Click here for my post on how to get awesome results…

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Your Summer Beach Body Workout

Here is an awesome workout to do during your christmas break! You can do this workout on the beach, or anywhere with no equipment at all… P.S. I have just added an incredible “Workouts Bonus” to my Response Mode Program. Purchase the program this week and you will receive a brand new workout from me…

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Very Berry Choc Muffins

On Friday I shared some great news for chocoholics, and today I have even more…today I am sharing the recipe for these awesome Very Choc Berry Muffins… You can actually have awesome chocolaty treats that leave you feeling full and satisfied instead of feeling guilty and craving MORE… This recipe is actually approved as a meal…

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Great News for Chocoholics at Christmas Time

At Christmas time, Chocolate is everywhere. If you are a Chocolate Lover, it can be super hard to stay on track and avoid temptation. First, the BAD NEWS Chocolate is one of the worst foods ever for getting into shape or staying in shape. Chocolate is high in fat, sugar, chemicals and worse still once…

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My Top 2 Tips For Making It Through Christmas Party Season

This is part two of my “Free Pass” method. If you haven’t read part 1, be sure to click here first to read Part 1. Here are two great tips to stay on track with your eating through the holiday period We are going to earn that “Free Pass” for Christmas Day 🙂 This time…

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How to Eat what you want and ENJOY Christmas GUILT Free

Years before I was a body transformation expert I struggled for a LONG TIME to get into shape …before I was a trainer, …before I helped transform thousands of clients in my Body Transformation studio and Miss Fitness Life. I am still a bit embarrassed about sharing my own “before” photo but here it is:…

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How the Response Mode Challenge Works

I have just put together a really quick video to give you a quick tour of how the Response Mode Challenge Works. Click below to watch the video…

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How Catherine Lost 22.7kg

I have so much ADMIRATION and RESPECT for Catherine – what a SUPERSTAR…. Every day she seeks to improve on just ONE thing and WOW its worked for her. Catherine has faced MANY challenges along the way but made it WORK in her favour by “TRUSTING” the Response Mode Process and being so connected to a…

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Here is What is on the Menu for the Response Mode Challenge

I have just opened up enrolments in my brand new program for slimming down and toning up FAST, starting on Monday November 28th. One of the biggest myths about getting into shape is that you need to starve yourself and eat boring, bland food. Its just not true. The secret to slimming down and toning up…

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