Green Smoothie Slim Down (Getting Started Video)

I have just put together a great getting started video for everyone who is going to start the Green Smoothie Slim Down. The video will also help answer a lot of questions for people who are thinking about joining the Green Smoothie Slim Down. Click Here to Join the Green Smoothie Slim Down

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Green Smoothie Slim Down (Your Questions Answered)

I have been totally blown away by everyone’s enthusiasm for the Green Smoothie Slim Down! (The program starts on Monday May 30th) Here are the answers to the Top 5 Questions I have been getting about the Green Smoothie Slimdown 1. How Is the Green Smoothie Slimdown Different To The Regular Challenges? When you join the…

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Green Smoothie Slim Down

Recently I have been getting a lot of emails and Facebook messages asking me if I have a fast solution to help with reshaping the tummy, hips and butt… As a result I have crafted a program that is perfect for you – if you want fast results.. If you are familiar with any of…

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Chocolate Bliss Balls Recipe

My VIP Members LOVE this Bliss Ball Recipe. You can also replace any meal on my rapid results meal plans with these yummy treats. A lot of my clients make a batch and freeze for later. Best of all they taste soooo yum! Ingredients:  2 scoops/ 60g SuperClean Protein ½ cup/150g  natural almond spread 120g rolled oats…

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Satisfy Your Chocolate Cravings with this Guilt Free Toning Chocolate Smoothie!

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Satisfy Your Chocolate Cravings with this Guilt Free Hot Chocolate!

It’s been getting a bit chilly in the mornings! To beat the chill here is How to Make a Yummy Guilt Free Hot Chocolate… Ingredients 1 tsp/ 5g SuperClean Chocolate 200ml / 7oz dairy or non dairy milk (e.g. rice, almond or skim milk) 20ml / 1oz boiling water Directions 1 – Mix SuperClean Chocolate and…

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How to Beat Cravings My Top 5 Craving Busters

Cravings…. We all get them Whether it’s Chocolate, or Carbs like bread, cakes and pastries or just snacking on junk and lollies. So what Causes those cravings? CRAVINGS and not being SATISFIED by your meals are often caused by your body receiving an over supply of Low nutrient processed foods. Cravings are a sign you are lacking in Nutrients…

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Why Squats are a Girl’s Best Friend

When it comes to a tight toned booty think Squats Squats Burn more Calories per rep than almost any other move. So if you have a wobbly booty or a flat pancake butt or have some saggy saddle bags going on then it’s time to get squatting. Squats really are a Girls Best Friend when…

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Guilt Free Chocolate at Easter Time

Chocolate is everywhere at this time of year! The cool thing is you can still stay focussed on getting into awesome shape AND enjoy the taste of chocolate. I made these awesome easter eggs using an Easter Egg Mold and my Choc Bliss Balls Recipe Superclean Chocolate is my very best product if you LOVE…

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The Best workout to Sculpt & Tone your Arms

If you are like me you love it when your arms look tight, toned and firmly sculpted. No jiggle, no wings and no spongy bits…this includes no underarm fat…. The workout below will help transform even the most soft arms to lean and defined..

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