Green Smoothie Slim Down

I have been totally blown away by everyone’s enthusiasm for the Green Smoothie Slim Down! Here are the answers to the Top 5 Questions I have been getting about the Green Smoothie Slimdown. 1) If I already have the Flat Tummy Solution Program do I need to buy it again to be part of the…

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I’ve Discovered Faster Fatloss…

Recently I have been getting a lot of emails and Facebook messages asking me if I have a fast solution to help with reshaping the tummy, hips and butt… As a result I have crafted a brand new program that is perfect for you – if you want fast results. If you are familiar with…

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Why Typical Store Bought Proteins Bulk You Up

I have realised that because I have my own Superclean Protein a lot of people are confused into thinking that it is ok to have any protein on my plans. A store bought protein is one of the worst foods to have when you ware wanting to lose weight. Before I had superclean my advice…

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Workout ideas that are seriously FUN – no GYM required

Its a great idea to mix up your workouts It gives your body a chance to use totally different muscles and the variety boosts motivation. Sometimes my clients would skip workouts because they had friends staying with them or they were going on holidays. Lets face it When you have friends stay or you’re on…

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Exercise Motivation – Want Some?

What is motivation? Over the years I have heard many clients use the expression “I am just not motivated” And then all the excuses kick in You know them We have ALL said them – often without even realising To be honest there is no such thing as “I am just not motivated” You see…

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How to speed up your metabolism

You sometimes here people say “I have a fast metabolism – I can eat whatever I want” My first thoughts are – That’s so not fair – Why don’t I have a fast metabolism What can I do to speed up mine? Well after a lot of research and working with many clients over the…

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How to Make the Best Strawerry Smoothie:

Here is my recipe to make the Best Strawerry Smoothie Add 30g of Superclean Protein, 4 ice cubes, 125g of strawberries, 150ml of water, 150ml of your favourite milk, To a blender and BLITZ… Have a new flavour every day by mixing it up with seasonal fruit- try banana, pineapple and mango.   PS You…

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Chocolate Protein Brownies Recipe

Ingredients 2 scoops/ 60g SuperClean Protein 1 cup/120g oat flour ½ tsp baking powder 4 egg whites 30g agave 225g No Added Sugar apple sauce 3 tbs/ 45g SuperClean Chocolate 175ml water Directions Preheat oven to 180 Degrees Celsius Spray a small square baking pan with oil spray Mix all dry ingredients until combined (Superclean…

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Mary’s Super Sexy Transformation

 I am SUPER excited to share Mary’s Super Sexy Transformation with you. Right from the start Mary was extremely honest and shared with me the reasons she wanted to change her body and get back her self-confidence. – It was TIME… I knew from day 1 that Mary was going to succeed and transform into…

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Miss Fitness Life Bootcamp Starts on Monday!

On Monday I sent out an email to everyone who was a part of my last Slim Down Challenge with a special offer inviting them to join my VIP Membership site for the next 28 Days for Free. Heaps of people took me up on the offer but I have had a lot of emails…

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