The 7 Best Things About Superclean Chocolate (Slimdown Superfood #2)

Superclean Chocolate is another Fantastic Superfood. Why do I love Superclean Chocolate Because Superclean Chocolate is perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth who wants to slim down and tone up without giving up their sweet treats. Research has also found Superclean Chocolate can improve your memory, increase your sense of happiness, reduce heart disease,…

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The Top 6 Benefits of Dates (Slimdown Superfood #1 )

I Love dates and they certainly are a Fantastic “Slimdown Superfood”. Perfect for that afternoon slump when you need to replenish energy and revitalize the body instantly. Here’s is the Top 6 Benefits of Dates 1)    Dates Satisfy the strongest sweet cravings 2)    Dates are Rich in dietary fibre, this means less bloating and a flatter tummy.. 3)   …

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Fluffy Workouts – avoid these if you want to Tone Up Fast!

Avoid these if you want to Tone Up Fast!

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How To Slim down and TONE UP your thighs

Every week I get asked “How do I TONE my thighs without making them bulky” This is a really good question as doing the WRONG exercises or workouts can make your legs bulk up.. For over 13 years I have trained clients and my online VIP  Members the same way I train myself. Having struggled…

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Transformation Inspiration

Today is a great day to refocus and I thought some positive success stories would be a great way to get everyone fired up for an awesome week. Here are some of my fav “Miss Fitness Life” success stories… Click Here to See How Gina got her abs… Click Here to see Nicky’s Amazing Transformation…

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The Top 5 Worst Workouts for Getting Toned

For the last 12 years my focus has been helping people to rapidly transform their bodies. A big part of this has been helping people to get toned. It all started when I struggled to change my own body for a very long time… After I finally worked out how to change my own body……

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I don’t have TIME

Sometimes I hear from people that they don’t have TIME to workout. or they don’t have TIME to plan their meals. or they would be in great shape if they just had MORE time. When I hear this the first thing I question is: Are you BUSY being BUSY? or Are you BUSY being PRODUCTIVE?…

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How to Eat Your Way to the Body You Crave

I discovered what I call “Response Mode” when I personally struggled to get into shape before I became a Body Transformation specialist over 13 years ago. “I am a little be different to most Fitness Gurus” I originally struggled to get into shape for a very long time… I was very unhappy with my Body…

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How to use your Superclean Protein Bars

I have had quite a lot of questions about how to get the best results using Superclean Bars to help you to accelerate your weightloss, get toned all over and eliminate cravings I have put together a brand new Superclean Protein Bars FAQ. How Many Supercelan Bars can I have a day? You can have…

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How Gina Got ABs in 7 Weeks

WOW I am ALWAYS excited when one of my VIP Flat Tummy Solution members shares their Progress pics with me So how impressed was I to see Gina’s AMAZING progress in just 7 weeks It’s always wonderful to read about people who decide to take action and make a change and Gina is proof that…

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