The Do’s and Don’ts of Measuring Yourself on the Scales

To ensure you are making progress it is important to take your measurements on a regular basis. But if you make some common mistakes it might all end in tears 🙂 For over 10 years I measured my clients on the scales every single week , I also tracked their progress with a tape measure…

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Save 12% On Superclean Protein (For 24 Hours Only)

To celebrate everyone’s enthusiasm for my latest Slim Down Challenge I have decided to take 12% off my Superclean Protein. So for the next 24 Hours you can save 12% off the price of my Superclean Protein Click Here for all the Details on SuperClean Protein (Use this link to Order your SuperClean Protein for…

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Slimdown Pancakes

I personally developed this recipe for my Response Mode Program and it’s one of my clients Favourites. I have perfected all the calories and nutrients to ensure you enjoy the yummiest and healthiest Slimming Protein Pancakes. This recipe will allow your body to stay in Response Mode to ensure you Slimdown and Tone up fast Ingredients 60g (4Tbsp) Wholemeal…

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Slim Down Challenge

I am putting a new Slim Down! That’s 14 Days of Workouts, Nutrition Challenges and Motivation..all for Free… and I would love for you to join… If you have heard anything about my previous Slim Down Challenges you will know that the results are AMAZING. Here are just some of the awesome results from just…

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Nicola’s Birthday Transformation

What can I say – Nicola is a Super Positive Pocket Rocket who once she decides what she wants goes for it.. All of my VIP Miss Fitness Life Workout Club members will tell you Nicola inspires them on a daily basis with her “CAN DO” attitude. Even when she is dealing with a lot…

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Mel’s Inspiring Transformation

I am so excited to share Mel’s Story. Mel is part of my A-TEAM and one of my Superstar VIP Members having lost 28kg and 144 cm off her body to date. I am just so proud of Mel and have had the wonderful privilege of getting to WITNESS her FITNESS. Mel has inspired so…

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The 14 Day Shape Up (Starts Monday)

When I launched my brand new Response Mode program I coached a special group of clients through a special Challenge. Here are just a few results that were shared in Miss Fitness Life Workout Club after just 7 days of the program. I want more people to experience these same results so I have just…

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I Made a Mistake (you can still beat the price rise)

The price for my new Response Mode program was due to increase dramatically last week. It turns out my web team have so much on at the moment that they just didn’t get to it. Here is what I am going to do… I am giving everyone this week to get Response Mode for the…

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How to Find Time to Work Out (Controversial)

Today’s post might hit a nerve for some people. Some people are just not going to “get it” Some people might even be offended… But I know a few people are going to “get it”… and because they “get it” it will be a real breakthrough I am all about helping people to have breakthroughs, so…

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The Secret to your Success in Fitness

Here’s a little Secret: every single person is going through something right now – sometimes big and sometimes small…but there is always something going on.. You see some people can get caught up in the drama and emotion of whats going on, it starts to cloud and control their attitude, positivity, decisions and actions. Then…

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